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About Us


San DiegoSnob.com is a top-ranking online branding platform where fine businesses have an opportunity to showcase their company in the most beautiful and professional way to a highly targeted audience. Nothing says "let's go someplace else" like bad food and ambiance photos. That's why it is crucial to present your business in the most accurate and attractive way. Unlike social media sites and public contribution directories, CaliforniaSnob.com allows you to control what internet users see and present the right image to your targeted prospective customers. This ensures that you maintain your brand image and maximize the number of prospects that turn into customers.

"It's not an extraordinary concept. Show people gorgeous pictures of your products and services, and they will want them. Showcase your business at the top of the ORGANIC search so it's easy for people to find it, and they will come."

- Snob Cities, CEO

San DiegoSnob.com is a unique directory that showcases the best of San Diego California. It was created to assist San Diego residents, visitors and tourists in easily finding the most desirable places in San Diego. Site users can save time and get quick ideas of where to go, what to buy and where to eat with a condensed selection of only the finest businesses in the city, while browsing information and pictures of San Diego businesses to find the ones that suit their taste.

San DiegoSnob.com strives to offer the highest quality customer experience, beautiful visuals, accuracy of information and a solid base where people from around the world can explore the current and upcoming fine establishments of this growing city. 

Our Mission

  • To provide a friendly, helpful and reliable upscale business directory for San Diego residents

  • To showcase businesses with exceptional products, architectural design and customer service in San Diego

  • To provide an easy and exciting way for everyone to explore the best of San Diego

  • To reward and highlight the business owners who care most about "The Customer Experience"

  • To provide a simple and user-friendly visitor's guide of San Diego

  • To create business opportunities that encourage economic growth and stability

  • To support and create awareness for small businesses that are trying to make a difference in the city 

  • To create enthusiasm and motivation for environmental awareness and support by San Diego residents

  • To create a positive image of San Diego for out-of-state residents who may be browsing the web

  • To highlight the beauty and innovation of San Diego businesses


CaliforniaSnob.com connects your fine business with quality customers who are specifically searching for what you offer. Reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right way... with CaliforniaSnob.com. Click here to get started.  
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